Sunday, 3 January 2016

My Ubuntu year - 2015

When I was looking back on my contributions to Ubuntu during 2015, I thought that although there have been some significant changes I'm still involved with answering occasional posts on the Ubuntu Forums, reporting bugs, testing daily ISOs, and contributing to the production of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, all activities that I've been involved with for several years now.

My activities in 2015

To summarise, my "Ubuntu" year looked like this:
  • Bought a cheap laptop to test Xubuntu.
  • Successfully applied for an Ubuntu Membership.
  • Released an edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter [UWN].
  • Won the Xubuntu QA Incentive for ISO testing.
  • Stopped testing Xubuntu.
  • Took up a moderator position at the Ubuntu Forums.
  • Switched from using Kubuntu to Ubuntu on my main laptop.
  • Stood down as a forum moderator.
  • Passed a personal milestone of contributing to 100 issues of UWN.
  • Subsequently cut back on my newsletter contributions.
  • Started testing Ubuntu GNOME.
  • Reverted to testing Xubuntu but on a more casual basis than before.
Toshiba Satellite C-50B Xubuntu 15.10
Toshiba Satellite C-50B running Xubuntu 15.10 
In June I quickly accepted an invitation to become a moderator of the Ubuntu Forums. After a few weeks I started to doubt that I was going to be as good as I needed to be and in the middle of September I decided that the challenge was too great for me so I stood down. I am extremely grateful to the Forum Council for the opportunity that I was given and hopefully at sometime in the far distant future I'll be given another chance to do something that in the main I quite enjoyed.

A change of Ubuntu flavour

Also in June I started saying farewell to Kubuntu after being a regular user since the Natty Narwhal release in April 2011. I mean no disrespect to the Kubuntu team as they just have to deal with whatever KDE release but I feel that Plasma 5 is a great disappointment compared to KDE 4. It took a few weeks to adjust to using Ubuntu (Unity) as I hadn't used it regularly since the 12.04 release. I still have Kubuntu 14.04 LTS installed on a couple of backup machines but I'll be installing another flavour on both of them in due course. Ubuntu MATE, which I've recently tested in a live environment, looks very interesting!

The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter

Although I've cut back on my input into the production of UWN for now I'll take this opportunity to make yet another appeal for help with the newsletter as it is very much needed at this time. Finding links to articles and writing summaries is not difficult and requires no more than 30 minutes or so of your time each week. If you're short of ideas on how you can contribute to Ubuntu then please consider joining the team.

Anyway, just a few days into the new year and I'm already wondering what my summary of 2016 will look like.